Amanbo, as an innovative platform focusing on the African market,it uses Internet technology to build an OSO (Online+Social+Offline) all-around marketing system to help African countries develop E-commerce and improve business efficiency. is a professional Africa export platform of Amanbo, which specializing in helping African people sells African products to China.
Through this online E-commerce platform ( ), and combined the offline service outlets(TASTE Africa), self-built and affiliated sales channels all over in China. Africa's people are able to quickly to sell the feature products to China,such as minerals, wood carvings, oil paintings, furniture, nuts, coffee, fruits, Moringa seeds, sea coconut kings, ethnic costumes, handicrafts, African tambourines, etc.
China is a world power with a population of 1.4 billion. The market prospects are very broad, but African business men lack the channels and service platforms to enter this huge market. made it easy for them to realize this dream. At the same time, Amanbo made it easy for Chinese people to access and consume products that come from Africa. In this way better understand and like Africa, and promote the development of China-Africa cooperation and the economic development of African countries.
We are committed to helping businesses in African countries expand their sales channels and markets in China. will help you open the door to the Chinese market quickly!
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Innovative OSO all-round marketing model creates an innovative E-commerce system by creating an online mall + social marketing + offline services, expands the range of channels and promote it's efficiency. Building a convenient bridge for you to expand the Chinese market, helping you quickly enter the Chinese market and seizing market opportunities!
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Amanbo is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has branches in Guangzhou, China, and Kenya, Cameroon, Togo, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire, Niger, Uganda, and Tanzania. Our professional teams will be provide you the excellent service.
Museum of African (Shenzhen, China)
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